Aurora de Matteis

A new fresh brand that plays with contrasts for reaching the (im)perfection of unicity.


A new fresh brand that plays with contrasts for reaching the (im)perfection of unicity.

Urban Couture, a new definition for a contemporary style that mixes the elegance of timeless tailoring clothing to the unexpected originality and the modernity of urban street wear.

Sporty and classy at the same time, in a perpetual game of juxtapositions that hybridizes the concept of style itself, the emerging brand Aurora De Matteis revisiting wearability and lines of classic sartorial womenswear through high-tech and sustainable natural fabrics, focusing on eye-catching details and impactful accessories.

An unconventional approach to fashion that exalts the unicity of each strong, dynamic and independent woman, enhancing her sporty side with oversize shapes, but never renouncing femininity with more close-fitting silhouettes underlined by a basic color palette with some flashes of intense colors.


Inspired by the hectic but exciting world of international metropolitan cities, the world of Aurora De Matteis’ label could be represented by three adjectives.

URBAN, because the inspirational muses of the designer are powerful and dynamic women totally immersed in the modernity of city life.

CONCEPTUAL, because the emerging brand experiments with the classic shapes and techniques of traditional Italian craftsmanship revisiting them with versatile, innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

UNEXPECTED because ADM always loves to surprise changing the classic point of view of women’s fashion through not-conventional combinations of different textiles and bold details.


A conceptual style that blends harmoniously the dynamicity of urban street wear and the performance of high-tech textiles with the preciousness of luxurious natural fabrics like silk, cotton and wool and the refinery of traditional sartorial techniques.


The designer Aurora De Matteis personally works on her collections following with passion and expertise the entire design process from the fashion sketch to the patternmaking and development of prototype, to the tailoring and refinement of every final piece.



High-quality natural, recycled and organic fabrics, handmade 100% Made in Italy tailoring and a design method that focuses on sustainability and respect for the environment and ethical processes.

Aurora De Matteis’ collections don’t follow the crazy life cycle of mass production, but approach to slow fashion for offering timeless pieces in terms of high quality and style, mainly available in made-to-order for favoring a reduction of textile waste and ensure the concept of unicity and limited edition.

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