Made in Italy Style, the new showcase if italian excellences

Made in Italy Style, the new showcase if italian excellences

Transversality, passion, contemporaneity and internationality are just some
of the pillars on which is based Made in Italy Style, the new portal
dedicated to the best of the Bel Paese.

A Luxury Experience that accompanies visitors on a virtual journey to
discover the many excellences of our territory and the typically Italian good

Made in Italy Style is a real showcase for all the realities that bet on beauty,
quality and avant-garde as cornerstone of their philosophy, for all the
companies that want to propose or consolidate their brand outside the
Italian borders.

But what is Made in Italy really?

An apparently abstract concept that actually embodies traditions, culture, love for the territory and pride in our roots. Guarantee of an authentic artisan approach, of uniqueness and true luxury, also thanks to the skilful know-how typical of Italian entrepreneurship.

The brand “Made in Italy” has always been recognized all over the world and
stands out for the very high quality achieved in the most varied fields, from
haute cuisine to design, from art to fashion. A lifestyle that also includes
incredible beauty of landascapes, the most desired travel destinations, a
natural vocation for luxury tourism.

Top brands, unique designs, unmistakable tastes and dreamy destinations:
these are the foundations of Italy in the world.
Our portal was born from the need to communicate the essence of 100%
Made in Italy, the passion for an Italian style which, while founding its
identity in tradition and in the rich and millenary culture, is constantly
evolving and continues to be the pride of our country.

Our desire is precisely to be able to tell at 360 ° what true Made in Italy is
and its uniqueness, the excellence of its services which are synonymous
with perfection, attention to detail, elegance and style.
We want to put a spotlight on companies, brands and people, telling you
the stories behind the world of crafts, tourism, luxury design, fashion and
food and wine excellence.
The continuous search for beauty and a strong, authentic and Italian
aesthetic have always been the strengths of the various manufacturing
companies in our country. Thanks also to a brilliant creativity that makes us
unique and that links different sectors, the products made and designed in
Italy differ and strongly characterize from those of other countries.
The image that Made in Italy Style reflects is a kaleidoscope of constantly
updated ideas, dreams and emotions. In a story that is a real journey
between past, present and future.

The universe that revolves around this project, moves between tradition
and innovation, sustainability and new luxury, a celebration of creativity and
recognition of our typical ability to do beautiful, good and long-lasting
Italianness becomes a dream, an ideal of life, an imaginary that arouses
desire. The world loves Italy and we want to bring the beauty of Italy to the
eyes of the world.

The concept of our portal is based on the idea of ​​creating a network that
can offer new business opportunities and visibility to Italian companies,
giving them an increasingly international breath, so as to be able to spread
the knowledge of our culture, our traditions, our most contemporary and
fascinating creations.
Made in Italy Style was created for reaching fans of Made in Italy all over
the world in a clear, concrete and suggestive way.

With a high-profile editorial formula, we will offer you each time a detailed
overview on the most original trends and innovations in different fields,
starting from Lifestyle, passing through Fashion, Beauty and Design,
arriving at Food & Wine and Travels, also crossing many other worlds linked to the various Italian excellences.

Made in Italy Style is not simply a virtual space, a blog like many others,
but it will also be a paper magazine that will be distributed in all luxury destinations, intended for a public who loves unique and exclusive
experiences, who appreciate beauty and high quality.

We want with all our strength to communicate the incredible value that
only the best brands, the most prestigious companies, the most desired
travel experiences and small artisan realities can transmit. We want to
increase their visibility in every way, especially in international markets
where the presence of loyal customers linked to luxury Made in Italy is

Thanks to the constant search for new suggestions and ideas,
contemporary fashions and the latest trends, we constantly aim to
anticipate their characteristics and main elements, to focus attention on
the possible connections between Made in Italy and international markets,
so as to be always impactful, effective and in step with the times.

The site thus becomes a container of trends and news, where alongside the
inspirational galleries, the most fascinating images, the focus on the best
products and the most exclusive brands, we will discover together the
many stories and the most interesting characters of the new Made in Italy.