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Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Robert L. Peter

Behind the words “Italian design” there is a number of very different worlds: furniture, architecture, consumer items, automotive & yacht design and much more. In each of these sectors, our country stands out in terms of quality, ingenuity and exclusivity, thanks to the presence of established companies or new ones that worthily collect its legacy. This know-how, from generation to generation, has been transferred from father to son, from the shop to the factory, up to the present day where the excellence of industrial processes is enriched by ancient knowledge. You recognize Italian design from the attention to detail, from the originality of the solutions, from the unusual combinations but, above all from the refined taste. With Made in Italy Style you can take a journey through the excellence of Italian Design.
Cialente Marmi

Cialente Marmi

The founder Guido Cialente, marble worker and stonemason, created works that are still an object of admiration today.