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Villari and the Golden Age

The new "Golden Age" collection presented at the Salone del Mobile 2022
di Redazione - 28/06/2022 20:07
Villari and the Golden Age

An iconic brand of Made in Italy, symbol of luxury and excellence, Villari presents the new “Golden Age” collection for the Salone del Mobile 2022, a unique range of decorative objects, collectibles, accessories and complements for the home, in which the elegance and refinement of porcelain meet contemporary design.

Very high quality and unique expertise have allowed Villari to achieve success over the years on an international level, as a distinctive force in the field of interior design thanks to products that stand out for maniacal attention to detail and extreme refinement, including decorative objects, lamps, table services, accessories for the home and the bath, but also décor complements, from the most classical taste all the way to the latest proposals in the “Home Couture” collection.

Combining fine craftsmanship with bold creativity, for over 50 years Villari has continued to reinvent porcelain with a touch of poetry and fantasy, giving rise in 2022 to a new, eclectic and at times ironic collection, the result of collaboration with an exceptional roster of international creative talents.

Thirteen names are involved in the creation of the Golden Age collection, permitting Villari to experiment with new forms of expression, reinterpreting the company’s tradition, each with their own inimitable stylistic signature: John Beckmann, Ciarmoli Queda Studio, Matteo Ceron, Debonademeo, Giulio Gianturco, Ferruccio Laviani, Marcantonio, Fabio Novembre, Emanuele Pangrazi, Ramz, Li-Jen Shih, Elena Trevisan, Elena Xausa.

The products are also open to experimentation with different types of materials: no longer just porcelain, but also Murano glass, metal and leather.

This important step forward marks the entrance of Villari’s products in the most contemporary interiors, and the company’s determination to address an increasingly wide audience, as can also be seen in the new project for the stand at the Salone del Mobile, completely updated this year: an ethereal architectural space of great openness, dominated by the pure ivory white color that enlivens through the decorations, colors and glowing highlights of the items on display.

Among the various proposals we like to remember:

L’IDEA DEL BACIO | design by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, 2022

L'idea del Bacio

Soft, sinuous forms shaped in porcelain for L’IDEA DEL BACIO, the collection of complements and accessories created by Ciarmoli Queda Studio for Villari. 

The project is a tribute to the artist Man Ray, and stems from a playful approach applied to an everyday useful object, generating pieces that are simultaneously products and works of art.

In their first collaboration with the company, CQS Studio present a collection of forceful personality, composed of a table lamp in 24k gold porcelain, a scent diffuser and soap dispenser in red porcelain, both painted by hand. Items that add character to any décor context.

The name refers to “the idea of the kiss” as a synonym of gentle sensuality, a cosmopolitan message of inclusion: “The Kiss is a personal signal, available to everyone. Genderless and ageless.


LE GRAZIE - Le Grazie AGLAIA, EUFROSINE, TALIA | design by Debonademeo, 2022

Le Grazie

Le Grazie is the collection with which the designers DEBONADEMEO have launched their first collaboration with Villari. A family of vases that references the multiple meanings of the word “source,” indicating a spring from which water flows, but also the electrical energy of a lighting device.

The myth of the Three Graces, divinities symbolizing vital impulses, provides not only the sinuous forms, but also the feminine names of all the pieces in the collection: AGLAIA (tall vase), EUFROSINE (medium vase), TALIA (stand). The three products have harmonious and vaguely neoclassical shapes bearing three-dimensional textures of industrial memory, reminders of metal molds and mechanical contraptions.

The overlay of basic geometric forms creates an essential but also symbolic design, where cones and cylinders become respectively containers of water and light: synonyms of nascent energy, generators of new life. 

The top of the vases is made in porcelain and can be used for flowers or to contain objects, while the methacrylate base functions as a rechargeable lamp.

The result is a collection of apparently conventional objects, which are nevertheless capable of generating small domestic metamorphoses: “lamps that bloom” or “vases that light up” in a novel juxtaposition of form and function, craftsmanship and technology, industry and poetry.


LUZ | design by Giulio Gianturco, 2022


The LUZ collection of rechargeable lamps by Giulio Gianturco has been expanded with new items that become part of the Golden Age series, perfect to create soft atmospheres with diffused light in interiors, but also for outdoor living.

Equipped with wireless or USB recharging technology, LUZ is like a modern lantern. An adjustable and rechargeable table lamp, with long battery life, ready to move in various domestic spaces depending on the needs of the moment.

With their compact forms and light volumes, the LUZ lamps accompany you anywhere, lighting up desktops or outdoor zones.

The lower part containing the light source is made in PVC, while on the upper portion a practical leather handle to facilitate transport comes in a range of surprising colors, from mango to red, teal to black. 

A decidedly contemporary creation with which the company opens to the use of new materials, in that perfect blend of harmony, elegance and functional quality that has always set Villari’s products apart.



Founded in 1967 by Cesare and Silvia Villari in Solagna (VI), now joined by their two daughters Alessandra and Barbara and their son Leone, the company continues to reinvent porcelain, with expertise and bold creativity, giving rise to collections that range from more classical tastes to the latest projects based on interaction between exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary design, also extending to experimentation with materials and different product types.

Exported all over the world, the Villari collections include decorative objects, lamps, tableware, accessories for the home and the bathroom, but also décor complements. The creations are instantly recognizable due to the maniacal attention to detail and extreme refinement. The remarkable artistic and technical ability that goes into every item, and the maximum focus on quality, have enabled the company to grow over the years, constantly producing precious artifacts as a symbol of history and the finest Italian tradition of craftsmanship.