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With the beauty of the emeralds, Bulgari celebrates the Platinum Jubilee

di Redazione - 22/06/2022 11:10
With the beauty of the emeralds, Bulgari celebrates the Platinum Jubilee

70 years of reign, charm and elegance. Elizabeth II of England celebrates her most important anniversary, the Platinum Jubilee, surrounded by the love of her family and her people and the admiration of the whole world.

The Queen has always been a symbol of refinement and timeless elegance, a style icon and an inspiring muse. To pay homage to her life and her strong and charismatic personality, the Bulgari maison has created specifically for the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee a very precious set made of platinum, diamonds and emeralds.

Jubilee Emerald Garden, a set consisting of a magnificent tiara that can also be worn as a necklace and a High Jewelry watch, takes inspiration from a flowery bouquet and enhances the natural beauty of precious stones with the skillful craftsmanship that has made Bulgari a luxury and excellence brand known all over the world.

The Maison, in fact, today part of the French group LVMH and increasingly synonymous with true luxury, has been one of the most renowned and prestigious names in high-end jewelry since 1884 and is famous for the beauty, originality and majesty of goldsmith art creations, characterized by a creative mix of colors and the incredible mastery of craftsmanship.

Bulgari's international success has transformed it into a global brand that embraces different types of luxury products, from jewelry to watches, to perfumes, leather goods and even hotels, to complete a luxury experience that makes the excellence of Made in Italy a trademark of absolute value.

And color is the absolute protagonist of the unique creations designed by Lucia Silvestri, Creative Director of Bulgari's High Jewelry, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II. Green, a symbol of hope and long life, is the lively color of the emeralds that decorate the precious tiara and the watch of the celebratory set.

In fact, emeralds are Her Majesty's favorite precious stones and, in these splendid Bulgari creations, as well as in the latest jewelry collections of the Maison, they are interpreted with different cutting and engraving techniques to best enhance their special characteristics of light and color.

An emerald of over 63 carats from Zambia, is the focal point of the splendid floral tiara and is embellished with an engraving representing a lotus flower, emblem of elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace and, in many Asian cultures, symbol of rebirth and eternal life.

Bulgari - Jubilee Emerald Garden - Tiara

The diamonds, among the most precious stones in the world and always part of the Bulgari tradition, are transformed into delicate floral bouquets that accompany the emeralds, giving a gorgeous brilliance to the composition. While platinum, used for the setting of the gems, directly symbolizes the celebration of this important event.

A unique design that testifies the great creativity of the Maison and a particular and exclusive workmanship, which required over 1,500 hours of work by a master goldsmith and as many as five craftsmen dedicated to setting the precious gems. A great craftsmanship that transforms this jewel into a real piece of art.

To complete the extraordinary set created for the Queen of England, Bulgari also thought of making a very precious creation, a special edition of the Divas' Dream High Jewelry watch. Made for the occasion in white gold and embellished with eight fan-cut emeralds from Zambia, characterized by internal inclusions similar to refined gardens and of over 18 carats each, matched with brilliant-cut diamonds that decorate both the bracelet and the dial of the watch.

Over 1000 hours of handmade work by Bulgari's master craftsmen make this watch a unique and unforgettable piece and once again testify to the incredible craftsmanship in the processing of colored stones.

Bulgari - Jubilee Emerald Garden - Watch

Indeed, how can we forget the great stars and celebrities who wore Bulgari jewels made of emeralds? Like the legendary Elizabeth Taylor and the magnificent Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, style icons who have associated their image with that of the Maison. Bulgari has always been loved by the great Hollywood divas, starting from the 1920s and especially with the Dolce Vita, but even more by the most important and charismatic women in the world, who wear Bulgari jewels to enhance their beauty and character.

For this reason, Queen Elizabeth II represents the perfect icon to best interpret all the refinement, class and elegance of the brand founded almost a century and a half ago by the Roman goldsmith Sotirio Bulgari.