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Following Jules Verne, the Luxury travels around the world in 40 days

How many of us have dreamed of leaving everything for a long journey around the world? How many times have we imagined to stay under the sun on a crystal-clear-waters beach in Bali or visiting the great Asian cities, experiencing a magical adventure in Australian lands or taking a walk among the cherry trees and the Zen atmosphere of Japan?
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Following Jules Verne, the Luxury travels around the world in 40 days

40 days to dream big and visit the most beautiful places on Earth living an incredible experience between luxury and untouched beauty. Here is the new proposal by Travel Design for adventure travel lovers who want to always be surrounded by extreme luxury. 

Cascate di Iguacu - Brasile

Max Loyola, travel agent with twenty years of experience and specialized in luxury travels, opens the doors of the world to us with Travel Design, the travel agency dedicated to luxury that offers journey experiences able to satisfy our wildest fantasies.

Travel Design is not a normal tour operator, but a real innovative service that creates tailor-made trips to the best destinations in the world, offering its customers exclusive moments of pleasure and exciting adventures in the name of high quality services and attention to every detail.

Polinesia - Bora Bora

Travel Design carefully selects the best international destinations, the most luxurious and comfortable hotels, the best haute cuisine restaurants and the most particular recreational and cultural activities to give its customers not just a travel program to follow and beautiful places to visit, but an immersive experience into an unforgettable dream.

The tour operator's focus is the great attention to detail, the customer satisfaction and the great customization that also offer tailor-made trips for the most demanding and passionate clients.

Singapore Supertree

Journeys around the world are the agency’s specialty, designed for those who want to discover the beauties of our planet and for newlyweds who want to enjoy an incredible honeymoon. The most incredible travel formulas of 40 or 80 days around the world take the customers of the agency Travel Design to magical destinations on the islands of Polynesia, the Caribbean, Australia, the United States and South Africa.


An adventurous journey in the name of luxury that touches all continents and that immerses us in the magnificent atmosphere of these places, in contact with nature, with different cultures and with the most diverse peoples.

Inspired by Jules Verne's book "Around the world in 80 days", Max Loyola and his team of expert travel consultants propose a modern and sophisticated version of the tour around the globe starting from the idea of fully satisfying their customers through an incredible, adventurous and complete itinerary.

Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana beach

In 80 days, Travel Design customers have the opportunity to fully discover the beauty of the places they visit and the wonders of the most enchanting destinations on the 5 continents. A long exciting experience to know the different cultures, landscapes, people, customs and habits of very different places.

From Africa to the Fiji Islands, from Bali to the United States and Hong Kong. Almost three months of travel that make us relive the adventures written in the 19th century by Verne in his famous book, but interpreting the journey with a modern and cosmopolitan spirit and focusing above all on the great quality that only luxury travels can offer.

Singapore skyline

The version of the journey around the world in 40 days, also narrated in a book written by Max Loyola himself, is a fascinating tour that takes us to truly different places and atmospheres, from the contrast between quiet, tradition and complex modernity of Japan, to the beauty of the uncontaminated landscapes of the Australian continent and the paradisiacal beaches of Bali and Polynesia, to the sparkling world capital of cinema, Los Angeles.

In addition to journey around the globe, Travel Design is specialized in travel experiences for every taste and need.

For newlyweds there are many proposals that bring couples to the most romantic and dreamy places, but which can also add a pinch of adventure to the honeymoon, for a never banal experience. Australia becomes the perfect place to live an exciting adventure, while the turquoise waters of the Fiji Islands or Cook Islands offer a long moment of well-being and peace.

For the lovers of uncontaminated nature and true adventure, Travel Design offers wonderful trips to South America, from the wildest Argentina to the Galapagos, where the famous biologist Charles Darwin formulated his theory on the origin of the species. Or in the Africa of the Victoria Falls, a truly breathtaking landscape, and the lush forests of Uganda and Mozambique in contact with wild animals and protected species such as mountain gorillas.

For those who want to dive into blue waters and enjoy the richness of coral reefs, there are exotic trips to Aruba or New Caledonia, the Caribbean or the Maldives, among the most popular dream destinations.

Extreme luxury for Asian tours of Vietnam and Cambodia or for destinations on the American continent between Canada and Hawaii, which offer long stays in the best hotels and in the most prestigious and exclusive resorts.

Australia - Sydney Bridge

And for international tourists who want to discover something more about our culture and the typically Made in Italy beauties, Travel Design also offers an unforgettable experience in the cities of art and in the best attractions of northern Italy, among the enchanting scenery of Lake Como and the Lake Maggiore, the architectural wonders of important cities such as Turin and Milan, the cultural richness and attractiveness of the medieval towns of Padua and Bologna and the magical landscapes of the famous Cinque Terre in Liguria.

Travel Design thinks to every type of traveler, every desire and need of its clients, offering not just simple itineraries but real dreams to be lived and carried as memories of wonderful adventures.