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Massimo Bottura's journey into taste triumphs in Dubai

di Redazione - 07/07/2022 18:35
Massimo Bottura's journey into taste triumphs in Dubai

Everything was born under a kitchen table, the grandmother's table in which she prepared fresh pasta and many amazing delicacies for daily meals and for most important family parties. The experiential and emotional journey that led Massimo Bottura to become one of the greatest and most renowned Chefs in the world, began between the walls of his house in Modena, the beating heart of the Emilian and Italian cultural tradition.

Massimo Bottura
Credits: Callo Albanese & Sueo

The family roots are clearly present in the heart and in the creations of the Chef, who wanted to bring the know-how of Italian grandmothers and mothers around the world and who managed to make known at an international level the great heritage of flavors and quality of Made in Italy ingredients.

Massimo Bottura is an example of a "modern Humanist", a man who has cultivated his dream with time, dedication and passion, who has developed the knowledge of the culinary art through a long experience, continuous research and contamination with other cultures, who is dedicated with love to the celebration of good living and good food.

But who, at the same time, wants to tell and make us experience the Italian spirit through love for art, art patronage, social and cultural activism from a sustainable perspective. 

Born and raised in Modena, with experiences that have taken him around the world from Montecarlo to New York, the award-winning Chef is famous for his Modenese restaurant "Osteria Francescana", winner of three Michelin stars and prestigious location in the center of city, which welcomes its customers in an intimate way by offering them a sensory journey into the taste and beauty of Italy, through magnificent dishes of Haute Cuisine surrounded by the vision of great works of contemporary art. Because for the Chef, “Cooking is art and art is an expression of living”.

Chef Bottura's approach to cooking is a perfect mix of desire for innovation and experimentation, of great respect for the Italian cultural and culinary tradition, of in-depth knowledge of raw ingredients and great attention to details, but above all it is a story to tell. 

A story made of emotions, sensations and memories. And are precisely the memories that have brought the Italian style interpreted by Massimo Bottura in the “Torno Subito” restaurant at the famous hotel W Dubai - The Palm, frequented by the international jet set. A place where the Chef wanted to convey the joy of the Italian Bella Vita with a hint of nostalgia, with the memory of the holidays spent at a young age in Rimini.

W Dubai - The Palm & Torno Subito restaurant

The interior design of the restaurant takes us back in time, to a sunny summer of the Sixties on the Riviera Romagnola, among beach umbrellas, bar chairs, quotes in Italian, souvenir photos and gigantic images of iconic characters such as Alberto Sordi, who better than everyone has interpreted the Italian people of the years of the economic boom and the La Dolce Vita. The name of the restaurant itself recalls the signs hanging in the shops during the afternoon break, in that warm summer atmosphere in which everything seemed still and yet so vivid and cheerful. All enclosed in an elegant and sophisticated, but also joyful and unexpected setting, always attentive to sixties-style design and contemporary art, a great passion of Chef Bottura.

Torno Subito restaurant - Dubai

The magnificent dishes served in the "Torno Subito" restaurant take their cue from the Italian flavors that celebrate the tradition of our beautiful country from north to south Italy in all its regional variations, in a playful and masterful taste tour that draws inspiration from the most famous and tasty recipes born from the creative and brilliant mind of Maestro Bottura and from the best ingredients rich in flavor and of the highest quality, able to satisfy the finest palates.

Torno Subito - Massimo Bottura

Bottura's Italian restaurant, opened in 2019 and directed by Chef de Cuisine and Massimo Bottura's protégé, Bernardo Paladini, has just received its first Michelin Star, during the revelation ceremony of the famous Michelin Guide held at the end of June 2022 in Dubai, beautiful and futuristic city of the United Arab Emirates.

Torno Subito - Massimo Bottura

An award of absolute resonance in the world of international cuisine. The Michelin Guide is in fact considered by all as the "Oscar prize" of food and wine industry, a recognition born in 1933 that is attributed to the best international restaurants and Chefs in 36 destinations worldwide, in North and South America, in Europe, in Asia and in the Pacific and now, thanks to the newly starred restaurants in Dubai such as Massimo Bottura's “Torno Subito”, also present in the Middle East.


Cover photo by Marco Poderi