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The sustainable luxury street style designed by Aurora De Matteis

di Redazione - 16/06/2022 17:15
The sustainable luxury street style designed by Aurora De Matteis

There is a new way of thinking to street style, no longer linked to just its sporting and casual origins, but now filtered through the eye of Luxury design. The new trends want street fashion  interpreted in a decidedly couture key and the coolest products no only just the classic sweatshirts and the unmissable t-shirts. From street style we now expect a much more fashionable attitude, a great refinement in fabrics and materials, a more tailored and handmade cut. 

But above all a great attention to sustainability, which has now become a real must-have for every fashion brand. 

Young designers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues and there are even more emerging designers who create their fashion collections in a sustainable and ethical way, also rediscovering the beauty and quality of tailoring traditions typical of Made in Italy

Among the most interesting names of this new wave of Italian creatives, we can find a young fashion designer, Aurora De Matteis, who has recently launched her collection presented and designed to offer a different look at urban fashion. A broader perspective open to other inspirations, which hybridizes concepts, elements, shapes and techniques from different worlds, interpreting fashion in a completely personal and decidedly contemporary way, always giving great attention to environmental protection.

The emerging brand ADM Aurora De Matteis, which has an atelier located in the center of Turin, a culturally rich and creative city where the designer lives and works every day, is a perfect mix of many different inspirations and has managed to perfectly combine the modern style street with the love for the Italian artisan tradition. 

Aurora, who studied in one of the most prestigious Italian fashion schools, the Istituto Secoli in Milan, is specialized in luxury haute couture but wanted to change the way we think about both high fashion and street style. The designer has given life to a new fashion concept, which we can call Urban Luxury, a mix of high fashion, luxury and urban style. 

The themes that inspire Aurora De Matteis come from apparently contrasting worlds. On one side, the emerging designer looks to tradition rediscovering the artisanal techniques in the construction of the models and in the use of iconic garments such as the blazer or the palazzo trousers, taking ideas from both the classic female and male wardrobe, but interpreting these pieces with a strong modernity. 

On the other side, the most classic themes and garments are blended, for harmony of contrasts, with elements clearly taken from the world of street fashion and especially from sportswear. Thus the technical fabrics give a young and unconventional spirit to the single-breasted jacket, the windproof vests become pieces to be combined with silk, the drawstrings transform the clothes according to the personal taste of the wearer, giving a transformability and versatility to the whole collection, and the climbing ropes, colored and sporty, become an integral part of the most beautiful and refined garments, such as the cashmere wool coats and wool crepe blazer jackets.


The sporty inspiration is also found in simply and more colorful pieces, such as leggings, turtleneck sweaters and crop tops. Aurora De Matteis is very careful in the choice of sustainable fabrics like nylon and lycra, strictly eco-friendly and obtained from recycled fibers taken from the recovery of fishing nets in the ocean, a way to reduce the consumption of plastic and pollution of our seas. Technical and super comfort fabrics that are combined by contrast with fine wools and silks to give a touch of luxury to the entire collection.  

To accentuate this game of contrasts, this young talent of Made in Italy fashion has decided to color her creations with bright tones alternating with more basic shades. So, the electric blue is combined to the camel color, the lime yellow gives great vitality to the most classic of combinations, the black and white duo, while the fuchsia color becomes fundamental to enrich the black nylon shirts. 

Details are also essential elements of this new fashion interpreted by the young designer. The metal zips decorate the most particular and precious garments, transforming them completely according to the needs and mood of the wearer. The drawstrings and the colored cords alternate with metal eyelets and grosgrain ribbons. The shapes of the garments, never banal, play with asymmetries, versatility and overlapping layers. 

Her clothing collections, which are entirely handmade according to the Slow Fashion methodology, do not follow fashion trends. To be more sustainable, the Turin designer has decided to create seasonless collections, not linked to the ephemeral trends of the season. Her timeless garments, made personally by the designer in her atelier, are created for a long lasting duration, thanks to the very high quality of the 100% Made in Italy fabrics coming, from the best textile manufacturers and thanks to the tailoring that celebrate the great know-how of the Bel Paese tradition.