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The photographer of dreams, Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli, an internationally renowned Italian wedding photographer is a true artist in knowing how to create a true and authentic story of the wedding day.
di Redazione - 29/10/2021 12:22
The photographer of dreams, Cristiano Ostinelli

There are moments in life that stay forever in our memory. Unforgettable instants that only the sensitivity of an artist can stop in time and transform into something magical.

Marriage is one of those fundamental events of our lives that we want to savor in its every single moment, bringing with us the memory of all the emotions and all the people who surround us with their love.

Making the reportage of the best day in a couple's life doesn’t mean simply making a photo shooting. It’s an intimate and personal journey into the stories of people who want to celebrate their love through a promise of eternity.

It means photographing faces, expressions, feelings and suggestive moments. Give a soul to the photographic image to create a unique and particular perspectives.

Cristiano Ostinelli, an internationally renowned Italian wedding photographer is a real artist in knowing how to create a true and authentic story of the wedding day.

His has a particularly sensitive eye, which knows how to capture every moment, transforming every shot into absolute magic. Cristiano has a highly recognizable aesthetic vision and a never banal gaze. His photos are an incredible combination of spontaneity and search for perfection.

The photo shoots not only capture the best moments of the wedding day, but visually tell a story that represents the love between two people in a unique and original way.

Cristiano and his team become something more than professionals who make the photo album of your wedding. The photographers-artists who are part of the Cristiano Ostinelli's Studio team discreetly enter the life of the couple and accompany them during the various moments of the day, from preparation to the celebration of the rite, up to the final party together with friends and relatives.

The touch of magic is then in the most important and particular shots, often interpreted with an artistic and unconventional spirit. The wedding photographer is not simply looking for the classic perfect poses that can sometimes seem fake, but wants to broaden the gaze on the event, photographed through wide perspectives that seem to embrace spouses and wedding guests.

Cristiano Ostinelli's photographs are authentic works of art. The black and white, which characterizes many of his creations, is rich in contrasts and harmonies, emphasizes the beauty of the bride and the intensity of the looks, becomes triumphal and majestic.

The color is highlighted with saturated and rich tones, or soft and extremely delicate shades. The Como photographer uses color to highlight a detail or a particular moment. Everything is studied with great attention.

The lights, the contrasts and the special effects create an atmosphere of absolute wonder. Movement is also the protagonist of his most particular photo shoots. The white fabrics of the wedding dresses and the colored fabrics of the most elegant bridal wear outfits seem to have their life, moved by an invisible wind that gives great dynamism to the image. The most incredible poses and luxurious settings build an image of absolute impact.

The photographic reportage created by Cristiano together with the spouses is a story made up of images that fully represent the character of the protagonists. At the center of the story are the lovers, with their identities, their tastes and above all their most intimate emotions.

The photos thus express sensations and feelings, managing to stop in time all the moments of happiness, laughter, joy. Cristiano is also able to tell the personalities of the most original spouses, through an ironic and amused gaze that builds an image that is sometimes unconventional and certainly never banal.

Who want to remember the wedding day in an original way, can find a fantastic experience in the Ostinelli’s photo report.

Lake Como, where the photographic studio is based, is the perfect setting for the most luxurious weddings. The shores of the lake already celebrated by the famous poet and writer Alessandro Manzoni, are the ideal location for dream weddings.

The magnificent villas that host the marriage of the most prestigious families are enhanced by the photographic shots created by Cristiano Ostinelli and make every moment magical and unforgettable.

Even the waters of the lake are the background to the most beautiful shots taken aboard boats or on the many suggestive piers that surround the shores.

The most luxurious wedding destinations are the background to the award-winning shots of the Italian photographer.

Not only Como then. Cristiano Ostinelli and his team travel throughout Italy and the world to capture the most perfect locations. The photographer also celebrates love through the most incredible settings that arouse strong emotions: the romance of Paris, the majesty and richness of Venice, the poignant beauty of the Californian desert, the wonderful atmospheres of Dubai.

Cristiano Ostinelli has won many important awards. He was awarded as Wedding Photographer of the Year from 2013 to 2018 in both England and America. The most fashionable wedding photographer has published his photo shoots in the best magazines dedicated to marriage and bridal clothing and has been interviewed countless times precisely because of his unmistakable and unique style.