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The magic of Perfume in the art of Lorenzo Villoresi

di Redazione - 14/07/2022 20:08
The magic of Perfume in the art of Lorenzo Villoresi

How many times has it happened to us to smell a perfume in the air, to inhale deeply and as if by magic, to relive a distant memory? The perfumes, the essences, the smells stimulate the memory in us in a much stronger way than a thousand other things. More than an image, a word or a sound, an aroma directly affects our memory, sharpening the senses and often taking us back to a distant time linked to the most beautiful and intense moments we have experienced.

The sense of smell is perhaps the most important and ancestral of our senses, linked to the natural world, to the origins of humanity and to our identity. Perfume has been part of our history and our culture since the times of the ancient Egyptians and the creation of the most sought-after essences has gone through our evolution for millennia. We think of the Middle Ages and the arrival of exotic oriental essences, the beautiful women of the Renaissance who loved to embellish their appearance with a drop of perfume, as well as the invention of Cologne and the boom in branded perfumes in the last century.

Each smell is a memory and arouses an emotion in us. This is why we are so emotionally attached to our favorite perfumes. Lorenzo Villoresi, a true master of the ancient art of perfume creation, playing with the evocative power of aromas creates real olfactory experiences for his customers. Each perfume therefore becomes an emotional and personal journey into memory in search of happiness and beauty.


Lorenzo Villoresi is a curious cosmopolitan and a lover of travel and culture, a scholar of philosophy, a person who has always been tied to childhood memories spent in Tuscany in close contact with nature and family. A wealth of olfactory memories that Villoresi brings with him in every new creation.

Lorenzo Villoresi

From his travels to the Far East lands and from his many life experiences, Villoresi wanted to give life, in 1990, to an important Maison based in a splendid historic building in the heart of his beloved Florence. The Maison Villoresi boutique is a place with a classic, luxurious and elegant design, an exclusive space where are hosted the collections of fragrances created by the Master and where customers can find, guided by expert staff, the perfect perfumes for every taste and personality. 

As in the creation of a symphonic work, the "notes" of the most precious and rare essences from the East mix with the warm and sensual exotic flavors of the Tropics or with those more intimately familiar and dear to us such as citrus aromas, or even with the freshness of spring notes. Every flower, every fragrant wood, almost every material is researched and sublimated in the creation of the fragrances of the Maison Villoresi, a real journey into the emotion and evocation of distant landscapes, sea breezes, ancient times and paradisiacal worlds.

To make Villoresi's creations even more precious, design takes on a fundamental aesthetic value. Hence, each fragrance is enclosed in an exclusive, luxurious and elegant packaging, as is the famous hexagonal bottle chosen by the Master perfumer to celebrate beauty through a timeless language with a symbolic value, rich in dreamlike, conceptual and almost alchemical meanings.

Lorenzo Villoresi Perfumes

Always in search of perfection and harmony, attention to every detail is fundamental for Villoresi. For this reason, the production of perfumes and essences is carried out internally in the Maison, through a process that follows each delicate phase of creation, from the selection of the finest noble materials from all continents, to craftsmanship devoted to excellence.

The result is always a strong sensory experience that the customers of the Maison can wear or that they can bring within the walls of their home, to continue dreaming and to make each environment unique and personal. For the home, Lorenzo Villoresi has in fact studied a series of fragrances, scented candles and incense that brighten the day and intoxicate us with happiness.

Lorenzo Villoresi Fragrances

And the journey into the fascinating world of essences continues with the Villoresi Museum, inaugurated on June 1, 2019 and strongly desired by the Master to celebrate and narrate the Art of Perfume. Housed in the same location as the now famous boutique, in Via de 'Bardi 12, the Museum takes us to discover the history, myths and legends that tell of perfume since ancient times, but also the science and technology that characterize the "behind the scenes ”of the creation of a perfume and of modern industry.

Villoresi Museum Florence

Through a multimedia path, visitors can discover the universe of perfume and the many aromatic essences from all over the world and collected in an exclusive and precious collection. It is the Osmorama, a real library of smells, where visitors can learn to recognize the different essences and ancient and modern ingredients that are used in the creation of perfumes.

The Museum therefore represents a fundamental stop for lovers of Made in Italy luxury who, visiting Florence, will not only be able to appreciate the artistic and cultural beauties of the city, but will also be able to immerse their senses in a wonderful scent dive. and remembrance.